Holiday Cards – ideas for cards and how to do a card class

see how to set it up, plus samples of cards, display, info on costs and more. Cards are great fun, help show off out products and tools, plus provide instant success.

Custom Mousepads and Mugs

To download the full-size template version for yourself, click the download link underneath the slideshow!

Image #1 -Desserts Mouse Pad

Image #2 – Dad Mouse Pad

Image #3 – Be Joyful Mouse Pad

Image #4 – Garden Mug

Image #5 – Grandma Mug

Image #6 – Grandpa Mug

Image #7 – Sister Mouse Pad

Dry Erase Boards to Personalize and Give

Photo Panel fun, personal, and EASY!

Sales that are super fast, they are excellent gifts, and are an easy introduction to digital. One of the recent CM webinars, interviewed a leader who talked about using Photo Panels as a white/dry erase board, but didn’t share any specifics. Here are samples of a variety of themes that work as a dry erase board!

FAQ – where and how do we make dry erase boards?

Answer – It’s a Regular (not metal) Photo Panel!  The slick finish can be written on with dry erase markers. A great gift!

TIPS and Ideas:

·         Show the designs as a slide show (or print and display if you prefer) at your upcoming events.

·         Tell customers they can order customized dry erase boards from me – simply supply the name you want and select the design you want.

·         Donna likes the 8×8 size. It also works as a 12×12 (larger, can hang on the wall, but obviously more money).

·         The rectangular ones allow you to make either 5×7 or 11×8.5.

·         Promote to, regular and digi customers as this works for anyone!

o   Of course customers with Storybook Creator Plus can design their own….so share these ideas to inspire your digital customers to create. They could even add photos or text or customize themes to fit their recipient

o   However, for non-digital customers, the gallery here will be great for them to select from, you can add a name easily for them. You will enjoy a great order and someone will get a very special gift!  You will also notice some of the designs are ideal for Dream Boards, chores, menus, to dos.

·         This dry erase board idea is a great project to be an introduction to our software and photo center products for regular clients, not just digital saavy ones. And if we make them for them (ordering off what is already created – like these ideas) then it is easy breezy!

Design Credits: teacher panel made by Jeannette Bianchi as a gift; pink To Do pulled from Facebook post (sorry don’t know who to credit); Jen Henson made the one for her kitchen with the “take Your Breathe Away” quote; the others are made by Donna Baker orKaris.


Custom Cover Samples for Inspiration

Custom Covers- have your ordered one as a sample yet?

Be sure to do so today! Putting in your hands a sample (or two) WILL drive future sales when you can show people an actual sample of the wonderful quality (you and they will be impressed with this product)!! (CON cover only cost $24.10/US)

See some of these amazing custom covers already being created by other consultants!

Border Maker Special and Class Info

Sample by Sue Benedict

From Sue Benedict:

I love this TOOL! I sent the video out with my Summer Open House email invitation so they could see it before hand. 3 people came just to buy that tool!

I did a demo of the tool at my open house plus used the tool for my make and take (attached) I sold 12 Border System Bundles! It makes beautiful borders and it is So easy to use!

* For the cards I used Fabulous Storybox Papers, Fabulous Flowers, Picket Fence Cartridge!
(Everyone orderd the bundle, not just the $30 system)

From Karis and Sandy Fryer:

Team member Sandy Fryer shares with you her customer e-mail – see below on how she is marketing the new Border Maker System!

When she sent the e-mail out to her customers she sold THREE Bundles~

She also “made up about 10 sample borders that I’m going to use as my samples for my Aug. 6th Border Maker Class.”


She closed with this, “This new tool is awesome!”

Karis’ note: I also heard from Nancy Smith recently that she too has successfully used the CM video to help her sell this new product! Cool – one 3.5 minute video CM provides you can drive great sales WHEN YOU share the link with those who might be interested! And remember – this month there is a Bundle Special deal which ends July 31st.

Here are those details again:

New Border Maker system – promote the video that shows how it works. Let everyone know this new product just launched and is available this campaign only (July/August). (see pages 4/5 of mini catalog. When they buy 4 cartridges they save 25%). This is a traditional scrapbooker (and teacher’s) dream product. At $60 for the bundle they save $15, and you have $300 in sales when you sell just five of these bundles. Who should you call? Who should you send a link to this 31/2 minute YouTube video to?

Below is Sandy’s customer e-mail sample…simply personalize it with your contact info rather than Sandy’s (CANADIAN consultants – adjust prices also)

If you like the idea of a Border Maker class…then select a date that works to offer one yourself…and play with the Border maker you have (or order one now) and make up some borders you love. (Sandy – I know I will be asked, so if you can, we would love to see some of your borders! Just snap a photo and e-mail if you can) . We appreciate your sharing!!


Here is the latest, greatest tool for Scrapbooking.  Creative Memories has really outdone themselves with this tool.  Click on theword VIDEO below and watch the video.
Border Maker System 

Boundless Borders Our new Border Maker System and limited-edition Border Maker Bundle are available NOW. This new system features interchangeable cartridges for creating continuous decorative die-cut borders and chains. Watch this video now to see how it works and then order thebundle on my website for just $60.00

You can go to my website
and place your order NOW.  The Bundle includes the Border Maker, Border Maker Guide,  Picket Fence Cartridge, Scallop Stitch Cartridge, You & Me Cartridge, and Frame Chain Cartridge 

All for just $60.


I’m holding a class on Saturday, August 6th 10:00 a.m – Noon that is FREE for those of you who purchase this Bundle. The class will be hands on as we will be making some borders using your new Border Maker System. You will just need to bring your paper, adhesives, paper ribbon and Border Maker System.   So order yours today and rsvp to me that you will be attending.

Sandy Fryer 

Creative Memories Consultant


Celebrate Summer Promotion


Recapture lost sales w/Calendar Page Prints Bonuses

Team – sharing from our own “The Sue Benedict” J

Sue has received many requests for pictures and instructions on the Calendar Page Prints w /Bonus idea.

She made a word doc. and we have attached photos to help others see, and understand, how they can do this too, and why she did it and the sales it has helped her recapture!!

Request from Karis – please help Sue out by not going to her with your questions as she is working hard on her personal business and growing her team, but she has generously shared the attached information and photos to help you recapture sales you may have lost as she did.

Enjoy this fun idea!! These links will answer most any question you have as you read the instructions, experiment yourself, reference the photos. You will see how awesome this can be as whatever you do with the bonus space – cards, tags, borders, bookmarks – it is all free bonus items, and the pages are LESS than Costco page prints when you do this, AND people finish and order in batches of 12 pages – getting you the page and coverset sales quicker.

By the way, bookmarks can be fun for personal use such as Scriptures to give to your Sunday School class or they can be “promotional” bookmarks about one of your upcoming events or about products you love or with your contact info in it.

One final Calendar idea: Melody Bromberg shared that she loves 12×15 albums, and has always used that larger size for her family’s vacations. She now uses the Calendar for 12”x15” page prints. She said the perforation line is a

non0issue. Not noticeable at all. The Big Book is a great album size for certain projects such as portraits and vacations and such. Great idea Melody!

As always, I am proud of Sue’s creative genius with a sales purpose, and the generous sharing of the team for forwarding your ideas.

Let your dreams take wing,


Generating Sales Through Children’s Sports Events

This was a gift I made for the coaches of my son’s little league team. Everyone chipped in, plus I sold an additional 10 books to the parents.

This is a 7×5 with the play ball predesigned pages – OMG – it is SO easy – pop in a few embellishments. I took this SAME album and RE-created it for the allstar team, and sold another 10 books. All I did was slip out the pix/personalized info and it was DONE! (imagine the possibilities if you offered your services to the Little League locally)

From Cheryl Van Allen

Karis’ Note: I like the note of how this “coach book” (that all parents covered cost on), became TEN added book sales to the parents of the players. See her testimonial below of how easy.

Sue Benedict Memorial Boards and Testimonial

Sue shared the following testimonial following the passing of her father -

Making Memorial Boards for a loved one is certainly not something that any of us look forward to doing but I wanted to share my Dad’s Memorial Boards with you as an idea you can share with your family, friends and customers that may make things a bit easier.

I made my dad’s 2 boards (30″x 40″) out of 12×12 page prints that I made up on Storybook Plus.  I put 6 page prints on each board.  Each page highlighted a different part of his life.  They are simple pages but the best part is that I can now take the boards apart and put these pages in an album without pulling off pictures and redoing the work.  I also had several people request copies, I can now simply send them the page to print or print them off for them.   I used a bulletin board border from a school supply store to finish them off.

I have several albums and Storybooks of my dad that were also displayed on the table.  But the boards were great because there were so many people there that wanted to look at them and they were able to see them and not have to wait in line to look through the books (although there was always a line to look through the books).

This life experience, even though I would have rather never had it, will help me be a better consultant.  I am so happy that I made my dad his albums and Storybooks before he passed away.  He got to enjoy them!  There is no doubt in my mind that my dad knew how important he was, how proud we were of him and how much we loved him.  Not to mention that it made getting ready for his memorial service that much easier with his retirement album, his trumpet Storybook and my mom and dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary SB already completed.  We were able to celebrate my dad’s entire life, and share it in such a beautiful way thanks to Creative Memories.

Sue Benedict

CM Leader

National Scrapbook Day Resources

This is a great resource for Learning to Take Better Photos

Since professional photographer Nick Kelsh started sharing his passion with Creative Memories, families all over the country have begun taking more beautiful and evocative photos than ever.

Also – this resource is a referral card to give out as invitations!

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